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Department of Ain

The Department of Ain counts almost 620 000 inhabitants and extends over a territory of 5 762 km2. Inhabitant of the border zone of Switzerland and close to Italy, its position between Lyon and Geneva, on the north / south European axis in fact an attractive and dynamic territory.

It is also characterized by a big diversity illustrated by the presence of 4 areas with strong identity: Bresse, Bugey, Dombes and Pays of Gex.

First department the most industrialized by France (part of the industrial employment in the total employment),Department was the most industrialized by France, Ain is served by important infrastructures of communication: 3 TGV stations, 208 km of highways, 4 450 km of roads of secondary roads.

Regarding transport, the Department of Ain is one of rare to take care of the cost of the transport of most of the pupils seeing frequently primary schools, middle schools and high schools public or deprived under contract.

Every day, the Department transports approximately 40 000 pupils.

The role of organizing authority of the transport of the Department of Ain does not limit itself to the school transport. The Department indeed organizes a network of regular lines completely remodelled in 2009.


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The network

August 26th, 2009, the Department of Ain threw its new intercity transport network " ". Its name and its graphics are affixed from now on on all the documents of communication and information of the network as well as on all the vehicles.

The network to consists of 34 lines, exploited by 5 carriers. It serves more than half than 412 municipalities of the Department. The main stations are also served to favor the intermodality. The main urban areas situated in the nearby departments are also served (Lyon, Chambéry, Mason, Villefranche-sur-Saône).

The main objectives of the network to are the following ones:

  • Offer an attractive pricing: the price of the ticket in the unit is 2 € about is the traveled distance
  • Favor the intermodality because + train by proposing hourly railings propped up on the hourly railings of trains
  • Propose an offer strengthened in rush hours to facilitate the travels place of residence - work
  • Propose comfortable coaches, equipped with seat belt, environment-friendly
  • Set up of the demand responsive transport to adapt the offer to the needs for the population.


The price list of the network:

  • Bill(ticket) in the unity(unit): 2 €
  • Pad of 10 tickets: 15 €
  • Monthly subscription: 40 €
  • Annual subscription less than 26 years: 300 €
  • Annual subscription: 400 €
  • Free access(wantonness): children of less than 4 years and guides of visually handicapped people.


The network in figures:

  • 34 lines
  • 350 stop points
  • 4,5 million km traveled every year
  • 870 000 journeys a year except school attendance


Download the Car Ain network map (pdf, 266 Ko)


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