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From 01 October 2002, the local council of Isère, organiser of public transport within the department, merged its transport network into one, creating the Transisère network.

This entailed:

  • A single and zone-based pricing structure;
  • A new visual identity for all of the network’s assets: all of the busses are yellow and blue
  • A network of agents in the region
  • Logo Conseil Général IsèreA more effective transport offering. Thus, the network has established services operating at a high level of service, called “lignes Express”.

The network, all the coaches of which are recognizable thanks to their colors; yellow and blue, group(include) dozens carriers, every under contract with the Department. These carriers have for mission to exploit one or several lines which their are entrusted and to offer to isérois a service of successful public transportation. Year after year, the network fills out; the meshing of the territory and the efficiency of the offered services increase.

So, with for nerve centers the bus stations of Grenoble and Villefontaine, the network was equipped with lines at high level of service(department), which we call " Express lines ". For example, besides its remarkable frequency for an interurban line (a bus every 5 minutes in the morning in peak hour from Voiron), the Express line Voiron-Grenoble-Crolles is in the course of quality certification.

The Department leads the actions of improvement of the network, as long at the level of the rolling ways, that in the plan of infrastructures. So, on September 3rd, 2010, was inaugurated a bus lane on the highway A48, on the portion St Egrève - Pontd'Oxford. This special way allows the coaches to maintain a good speed when corks block the motorists.

The Department, always in the objective belong to the closest of Isérois, wished to offer them a single contact person and set up an administrator of the services(departments) associated to the network; Transisère Services. This entity handles, in particular, the customer relations (Allo Transisère, management of the complaints, ....).

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