Mon Mobisavoie


Savoie's accessibility master plan was approved on the 26th of January 2009 by the departmental assembly. In the same way that the department's current transport network offers hierarchical levels of services to inhabitants, the implementation of its accessibility plan will respect priority rules, depending on the population potentially affected.


The necessary conditions to benefit from the offer of transport adapted to the people with reduced mobility:

  • Be recognized handicaped, with a disabled persons' card superior or equal to 80 % and present a driving handicap preventing the access to the coach
  • To be not or partially-sighted person, with a disabled persons' card carrying(wearing) the mention(distinction) " need for support(accompaniment) " or "blindness", in which case the journey is free for the guide within the limits of one a person(by nobody).

A different answer according to the nature of the network:

  • In addition, from now on, the regular peri-urban services offer at least one return trip each day for each service. Its accessibility will be improved progressively as additional stops are established.
  • For the tourist-oriented services, in order to cope with peak periods generated by services running to the seasonal resorts, a substitute service is available under the following conditions:
    - The number of departure services from the resorts will be doubled: with the same times, same destinations, same stops
    - In season it will operate on Saturdays
    - Prior reservations may be made by calling the call centre (09 70 83 90 73 for local calls from France, +33 4 79 75 36 13 for international calls)
    - The same cost applies to the passenger as the classic service.

The master plan of accessibility of the network Belle Savoie Express

Download this plan (PDF, 211Ko)