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The regional community of Lac du Bourget (Grand Lac) is the Transport Organising Authority across the 17 districts that make up the area (55,000 inhabitants). It is tasked with defining the general transport policy, or the communal transport services to be implemented, their itineraries, timetables, stop-off points, prices, etc.

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The exploitation of the transport network of the CALB is confided, under the naming Ondéa, to the group DEV RATP within the framework of a public service delegation contract. The role of the developer consists in:

  • Assure the exploitation of the transport network by bringing the material and human means.
  • Assure the staff management.
  • Be the interlocutor of the clientele.

On July 6th, 2015, the Ondéa network defines itself as follows:

  • 19 transport lines with school vocation, opened to the general public
  • 3 regular put rhythm lines
  • 17 served municipalities
  • More than 350 stop points

The group DEV RATP also exploits Vélostation settled within the space Ondéa, situated at the station of Aix-les-Bains.


Download the network map of the lines "of closeness"


Download the map of the transport on request network



More information about prices and points of sale on