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The regional community of the Chambéry metropolis groups together 24 districts and over 125,000 inhabitants. Amongst its many different tasks, the Chambéry metropolis is responsible for transport and urban trips within the region:

  • management and running of the Stac bus network (public service concession agreement),
  • systems in place to improve bus circulation (lanes reserved for bus use),
  • systems catering for cycling as well as services for mobility.

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In addition, the Chambéry metropolis actively promotes a policy encouraging alternative modes of transport to individual car use.

Stac, the urban bus network

The management of the network Stac is confided by delegation of public service to an agent.

  • It operates the politics defined by Chambéry metropolis,
  • he assures the good management and the exploitation of the network (recruitment of staff, training),
  • he informs the clientele of the various services which are proposed to him,
  • he makes proposals of improvement of the offered service.

Chambéry metropolis, as Organizing Authority assures the following missions:

  • It defines the transport policy in common of the chambérienne urban area (offer, pricing),
  • it determines the adaptations of the network according to the needs for the inhabitants,
  • it realizes the heavy investments (purchases of buses, urban planning) necessary for the smooth running of the network.

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