Mon Mobisavoie


The access to the coaches of the departmental network Belle Express Savoie is made on production of two documents. Their obtaining can make on-line, once connected to your account Mobi' Savoie, by clicking the menu " monthly subscription " situated in homepage.


Pass identity


The obtaining of this document is made only online, at any time of the year.


This pass is free and name specific.


This pass is available in 2 versions:

· "paper" version : The pass will then be sent to you by mailing at the indicated address

· digital version: the pass is sent to you by e-mail



Monthly pass


The obtaining of this document can be made:

  • on-line, in which case he(it) is available on the sale as from 25 of every month for the next month
  • or in bus station or directly with the drivers according to lines.


The information postponed on this monthly pass resumes the information of the pass identity, identity and number.


This monthly pass is valid of the 1st in 31 of every month, on a line only (this pass does not give access to the whole network).


The size of this ticket is the one of the pass identity which you will have chosen (paper or digital).


Monthly pass combined with city networks Stac / Ondéa


Pass combined monthly magazines are exclusively sold on-line on


According to the selected transport lines, he can be proposed to you, for 10€ of more price of the monthly pass, the Belle Express Savoie + Ondéa or Belle Express Savoie + Stac. So, you can reach the city network of your choice without limit, the preferential cost.


Count Mobi' Savoie " monthly subscription "



Regular user of the network Beautiful Express Savoie(Savoy)? Useless of re - to seize your personal information, the renewal of the pass monthly magazines is simplified. Fewer stages and clicks to be made!


More practical!

  • Since your account, you can make your initial demands and renewals of pass identity, you can buy your pass monthly magazines, and it for you, as well as for other people. For example, you can manage your tickets as well as those of your children!
  • Thanks to the module of management of the coupons, in case of loss or of theft, nothing to worry about: you can reprint your pass.
  • The edition of tickets of payment is also available: this documentary evidence can be useful for you within the framework of the reimbursements of expenses of transport by your employer.


More modern!

This module was developed responsiv design there: you can thus reach it since your computer, tablet, smartphone, wherever whom you are!