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In terms of section 34 of the abovementioned law, users have a right to access, modify, edit and delete information relating to them. To do this, you may contact the webmaster directly by mail.

Limitation of responsability

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  • free distribution
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  • The URL of the Mobi'Savoie website must appear in the reference.

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Various Files

For all documents of this site: all rights of reproduction are reserved.

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The documents distributed on this site in electronic format have been reviewed several times by ourselves, but may still contain errors. Should you come across any, do not hesitate to let us know, by contacting the webmaster. We will immediately make the necessary corrections.

Texts distributed in electronic format on this site may be subject to updates between the time you downloaded them and the time you take cognisance of them.

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There are some inherent dangers to downloading any file on internet and the user is warned about the necessity of taking into account potential risks (any PC-related virus infection, any bug, slowing down of the machine, etc...) before downloading any file. The user - and he/she alone - is responsible for ensuring the protection and saving of data and of devices used with the software.

The Savoie local council will not be held responsible for any damage experienced as a result of the use or the functioning of a file.

We advise you to download an Anti-Virus prior to any download.

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