Mon Mobisavoie


4- Online shopping

The times are indicated for normal traffic conditions.

Yes, it is advisable for groups to book. For a group of over 20 people, contact Mobi’Savoie on 09 70 83 90 73 (local calls from France) or +33 4 79 75 36 13 (international calls).

In winter, it is advisable to plan a buffer of a minimum of one hour between the bus’s expected arrival and the train’s departure in order to compensate for possible circulation problems (due to poor weather conditions or heavy traffic).

It is essential to book for a baby. The youth tariff (-26 years old) will apply. The transporter does not have a car seat.

Delays are handled by managers on a case by case basis. Waiting for a train at a bus station depends on how significant the delay is as well as the busses’ operating limits. In the event of a delay that is too great, the ticket purchased for the “missed” departure will be valid for the following bus. 

It is possible to change your booking up to the 7th day (inclusive) prior to the date of the trip.

In this event, the client needs to call the Mobi’Savoie call centre - 09 70 83 90 73 (local calls from France) or +33 4 79 75 36 13 (international calls)- and provide their order number, as well as the booking changes.

It is possible to modify the hour and the date of its route on an e-ticket:

  • By telephone: contact the Center of customer relationships of to 0 820 320 368 for the calls since France or to +33 4 79 68 32 96 for the calls since the foreigner.
  • On-line

For the lines of the network Belle Savoie Express (except lines from the airport of Chambéry), the modification can be made until the day before the departure, subject to availability aboard the coach on the new chosen schedule. The modifications for Monday or the next day of holiday are to be made 2 days before the departure.

For lines from the airport of Chambéry, the modification can be made at the latest 48 hours before the departure by phoning in the center of customer relationships of

In case the desired modifications would involve a refund (change other than the hour and the date), it is advisable to consult the conditions of refund below.

No, this is not an option, only a “paper” ticket is valid. This ticket must be presented to the conductor or collector.

The call centre may be reached from Monday to Saturday from 08h00 to 19h00.

In the event of an order placed via the Mobi’Savoie mobility booking centre, the customer may cancel their booking, and request, in writing, for any amount paid to be reimbursed for the ticket/s ordered and not used, which should be attached to the request.

The cancellation request will take effect from the date on which the letter is received from the customer.

Provided there is no objection from the Transporter concerned, as well as non use – even partial – of the ticket/s, Mobi’Savoie will arrange a refund via bank wire where the amount will be established in the following way:

     *Less than 7 calendar days after the placement of the booking (revocation delay)     -> Full refund less the booking fees,

     *More than 15 days from the departure date -> Full refund less the booking fees,

     *From 8 to 14 calendar days prior to the departure date -> Refund: 50% of the basket less the booking fees,

     *7 calendar days prior to the departure date -> Non refundable ticket/s.


No ticket refund will be given if the date of reception of the cancellation request is later than the expected date of the trip/s.

Return tickets cannot be split into two parts.

Tickets attached to the letter requesting cancellation must not have been modified, have anything crossed out or deleted (especially on the detachable coupon). This is a suspensive condition of the refund.

Self-printable tickets may be neither reimbursed nor exchanged.