Mon Mobisavoie


2- Timetables

The system is parametrized to be able to examine the next 6 months (impossibility to examine for previous date). In these conditions, everything is implemented by the various partners to supply the data of current transport over this period.

3- Disruptions

A button "Disruptions" is proposed at the bottom of the page by the site: whatever is the page where you are, thus it is possible to you to reach it as soon as you wish it.

You are then redirected towards the dedicated page. According to the seized disturbances, he can have 3 tabs there:

  • "Alert" : If a disturbance is very judged impactante (ex: concern a whole network), this tab will be opened by default,
  • "Current information" : Display of all the current disturbances;
  • "information to come" : Display of all the disturbances to come.

The main said information, such the concerned lines, are the object of the title of the disruption. By clicking above, you obtain more information.

The pages of results indicate to you when your route (if it is a search for itinerary or your line / stop (if it is an hourly search) is impacted by a disruption: an information is clearly shown to warn you of it (link towards the detailed page of the disruption). However, the results of your searchesdo not take into account them.

Every transport network participating in Mobi' Savoie is free to communicate on these disruptions. At present, Mobi' Savoie arranges disruptions of the following networks: Belle Savoie Express, Stac, Je prends le Bus.

Here is the procedure to follow:

  • It is necessary to build up to itself an account " Mon Mobi' Savoie " or to connect with its identifiers,
  • Click the button "Line timetables";
  • Click " my alerts " in the bar reserved for your connection / authentification in the site;
  • Indicate the modes of reception of warning messages (SMS and/or e-mail) wished and save;
  • Then click the green button " add an alert ", situated in immediately after this block, to the right;
  • Indicate the desired line, then click "Search";
  • Select one or several directions of the line as well as in the daytime which interest you, click save.


So, as soon as a disturbance is seized in Mobi' Savoie, you will be automatically warned of it on the selected mode of reception.

4- Online shopping


  • The pass identity obtains only online, after creation of an account Mobi' Savoie and having connected in the column "purchase a subscription" proposed in homepage.
  • Pass monthly magazines buy themselves either online on, or, according to lines, in bus stations or with the driver.
  • Pass combined monthly magazines Belle Savoie Express + Ondéa or Stac is sold himself only online on Mobi' Savoie.


  • The pass identity is free.
  • The price list of the pass monthly magazines is indicated on this page.
  • Pass combined monthly magazines cost the price of a "normal" monthly subscription, to which it is necessary to add 10€.


The pass identity is valid on 1 year, from September 1st till August 31st (school year). For example, with a pass the number of which begins with 15, you cannot buy a monthly pass for September 2016.


The demands of pass identity can be made all year round.


Pass monthly and combined are valid of the 1st in 31 of the current month.


The purchase of these on-line titles is possible from 25 of the previous month.