Mon Mobisavoie


4- Online shopping


You choose the desired mode of reception: by postal dispatch or directly in digital format (addition of the compulsory photo in this case). In case of pass digital identity, no sending is possible, the pass identity being automatically associated with the monthly coupon.


  • If you opted for a pass digital identity, you will receive your monthly pass in the same format.
  • If you opted for a pass identity messenger at home, then you can choose to receive your monthly pass or by e-mail (pass to be printed) or by mailing.


For the creation of pass identity:

Once connected to your account Mobi' Savoie and in your space "subscription", you have to click the green button " to create a pass identity partner in this account Mobi' Savoie ". By default, the new page will post the information bound to the holder of the account Mobi' Savoie: you can modify the fields which you wish to add the person to associate with your account. So, it is possible to create several pass identities for different people by following the same procedure.


For the purchase of the pass monthly and combined:

Since the page " pass identity ", a summary of the pass identities partners in your account is made. So, you just have to click " to create a subscription " in the column "month" to make this approach(initiative) of purchase.


This purchasing procedure is also possible since the page " new subscription ". You select the desired line: a box is going to appear to the right of the list. You will then have to select the person (and thus the pass identity) concerned.


Once connected to your account and in your space "subscription", pass identity partners in your account appear: the last column indicates the status of every pass. This status can thus be "en cours" or "expiré". If expired, it is necessary to click the link associated to make the demand of renewal.


Once connected to your account and in your space "subscription", pass identity partners in your account appear. It is then necessary to click on, in the column "mois"  :

  • If it is a first purchase: "créer abonnement"
  • If it is a renewal: "renouveler  mon coupon".

You need to plan a minimum of 15 mins to do a change over from the train to the bus (or the other way around). This time should be extended should the user not have their ticket ready on arrival at the bus station.

The times are indicated for normal traffic conditions.

Yes, it is advisable for groups to book. For a group of over 20 people, contact Mobi’Savoie on 0 820 205 330 (local calls from France) or +33 1 78 66 20 15 (international calls).

In winter, it is advisable to plan a buffer of a minimum of one hour between the bus’s expected arrival and the train’s departure in order to compensate for possible circulation problems (due to poor weather conditions or heavy traffic).

It is essential to book for a baby. The youth tariff (-26 years old) will apply. The transporter does not have a car seat.