Mon Mobisavoie


4- Online shopping

Tickets may be purchased:

  • at the bus station ticket offices during opening hours,
  • on board the vehicles, when the passenger gets on board,
  • On the website
  • via a telephone call to the call centre: 0 820 205 330 (local calls from France) or +33 1 78 66 20 15 (international calls)

Some coaches operate solely on an advance booking basis; in this case, it is essential to book in order to gain access to the bus.

It is, in any case, advisable to book in advance.

5- Personal account "Mon Mobi'Savoie"

Mobi' Savoie offers several features.

Concerning the features "Itinerary"and "Timetables", you can configure your alerts: you can be automatically informed in case of disturbances about the lines which you will have configured in this purpose. You can also select stops, lines, favourite said places: so, in connected mode, you have only to select in your personal lists your criteria. It avoids you of re- to seize these elements every time you come on the site Mobi' Savoie. You save time in your searches!

Concerning the feature ride sharing, the registration and the activation of the link in the e-mail of registration is essential to propose routes, get in touch with covoitureurs.

Finally, if you are regular user of the departmental network Belle Savoie Express, you can get yourselves your pass identity and buy your pass on-line monthly magazines. It is so more practical and faster. You organize your travels since at your home !

By clicking the button "register", you only have to seize personal information, such as the name, the first name, the date of birth, the address. So, this procedure requires less than 3 minutes!

Afterward, if you wish to take advantage of various features of Mobi' Savoie and to personalize them, you will have to seize further information in the desired domain: in the space " my account " for the features " itinerary" and "timatables "  and in the personal space "profil" for the ride sharing.

A statement CNIL(NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CIVIL LIBERTIES) (n°1533393 v 0 of the 21/09/2011) was made and guarantees the protection of your data. So, your telephone number for example is used only within the framework of Mobi' Savoie and in the only purposes which you validated (according to the features for which you completed your profile). They are "sold" on no account, passed on in thirds.

So, you will be informed about the disruptions only for lines of public transport that you will have selected and on the media which you will have configured from this perspective.

On the part "carpooling", it's the same: it is you who decide in your profile, on which support, where necessary, you wish to be informed about routes potential / messages.

Finally, if you have an account for the purchase of on-line subscription, then you can receive messages alerting you for example in August that it is necessary to renew your demand of pass identity for year to come.

The Internet pages dedicated to the ride sharing are managed by the person receiving benefits Ecolutis. This company manages numerous web sites of ride sharing: you probably already joined on one of their platform (Ex: IDVROOM).

So, to use the platform Mobi' Savoie, you have to build up to yourselves an account with other identifiers.